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% Change after opening


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I was given a % Change after Opening scanner but it also includes the HOD. Can someone show me how to remove the HOD portion of the scanner so that it’s only % change after opening? Thank you.

def today = GetDay() >= GetLastDay();

def start = SecondsFromTime(400) > 0;

def end = SecondsFromTime(1600) < 0;

def op=if today and secoNdsFromTime(930)>=0 and op[1]==0 then open else op[1];

def hod = if start and today  and end and high > hod[1] then high else hod[1];

def hi=hod;

def con1 =  high > hod[1] or high[1]>hod[2] or high[2]>hod[3] or high[3]>hod[4] or high[4]>hod[5] or high[5]>hod[6];#£def con2 = close>=0.5 and close<=15;

def con3 = start and end;

def con4= close>=op*1.03;

plot scan= con1  and con3 and con4;
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I'd like to bump this TTT. I made a thread earlier today asking about how to scan top stocks since open... I just tried to enter that formula in a custom study but it didn't work. How did you get it to work? I wouldn't mind the HOD either lol

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