Can this be used to make a repainting study no longer repaint in TOS?


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Their definition of repainting is entirely different from the one we use here on our board, specifically referring indicators like the trend reversal indicator. or sell signal occurs in the current bar and before the candle completes the signal get erased. This happens when the signal oscillates back and forth the threshold levels which decides the occurence of buy or sell signal. we can name it as current bar repainting.

Current bar repainting is totally normal because the candle must close first for the signal to decide whether it's going to stay or disappear. For most indicators, once the candle is closed and the signal gets printed on that candle, it will stay there permanently.

The trend reversal indicator, on the other hand, uses the ZigZag indicator within its code. It continuously tries to look for the absolute top and bottom. If it's wrong, the signal generated (even if it's no longer at the current candle) will disappear.

I hope that helps.


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It does. And really if you managed to make it not repaint, you'd end up with a lot more signals that aren't the absolute top or bottom like a pivot study

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