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Calculate the difference between option strike prices


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Hey everyone! I'm looking for some coding on my option chain column that should be pretty straight forward hopefully. I would like one of my columns to calculate the percentage difference between the ask prices. Since the contracts are listed from lowest to highest strikes it would be calculating for example Strike 70 Ask price $10 minus the Strike 71 Ask price $5 resulting in a 50% difference. I'm not a coder and new to this so thank you for any help you can give!


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Is there a way to achieve this outside of the option chain?
It depends on what you are trying to do, youde have to explain more. A basic formula for percent can be made and you can manually enter the prices. there are many strikes in a chain, not sure what your are referring to and comparing to.


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@Brittany Even if the calculations could be done the roundabout way of getting the information you want would be processing intensive and would cause lag and delayed option chain updates... Remember, standard option chain data updates near real-time yet calculated columns calculate at a lower priority so results would not necessarily be accurate... It would take some reverse engineering for every strike price to determine what may or may not be the next strike price above or below in the option chain and that takes processing time... I just don't see it as a practical endeavor...

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