Buy and sell signals on the Mobius TMO Aggregation



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Hello Traders,

I am not a script expert, so i am checking if anyone has added arrows on the mobius TMO with Aggregation. for example, it displays buy arrow when it goes from red to green and then displays a sell arrow when it goes from green to red.

In addition, has anyone built this as a strategy? i am manually going through and drawing lines when the TMO changes color to determine how many pips and trades were triggered if i followed the color change to the T.

Thanks in advance.


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@gjervis please read the reference manual in ToS or look here by putting Universe in the search bar. Anyone is welcome to do either one of the above. I do not put up or down arrows on the scripts I have shared because there is a lot of nuance in that indicator. For instance if the trend is visibly down but the short line TMO flashes green, it may just be a counter trend rally of short life. That would not be a signal to count. I hope that helps.