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Hi everyone.

I've been experimenting with some pivot scripts. But to be honest, the BLT_HarndogLazyFractalPivotsV2 script (below) is quite good. I am searching for any information on how to 'alert' this script -- i.e., the plotting of a new resistance/support and/or the crossing of a resistance/support? Is that possible or readily available out there? A scanner would also be a great tool .

Thanks in advance. -Kevin

#StudyName: BLT_HarndogLazyFractalPivotsV2
#Version/Date: v2 01-13-2016 Link:
#Type: [Study | Strategy]
#Description: Instead of redrafting fractal pivots to frame market behavior
# this adaption of Mobius' FractalPivotsArrayV3 was modified by
# by BLT/ZZZ/LB using a Harndog test script idea to generate
# lazy fractal pivot lines.


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@borntostun We have a BLT here at uTS but I am not certain that it is the same person. We'll need to wait for confirmation on that. And, yes, fingers crossed. Markos.

@Thomas if you come back from TSL, could you take a look at this request? Much Obliged!
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