Bid Ask Volume (BAVOL) on tick-charts?



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I've been hacking together thinkscript studies for a while and have come across the idea of trying to see the buy/sell pressure with the difference in bid and ask volumes:

declare lower;
def askVol = Volume(priceType = PriceType.ASK);
def bidVol = Volume(priceType = PriceType.BID);
plot pressure = askVol - bidVol;
but while it is legal code according to thinkorswim, it doesn't seem to produce any results. At all.

I'm trying to run this against tick charts, not time aggregated.

I found a study that uses this (mobius' perhaps):

def TradeCountASK = tick_count(priceType = PriceType.ASK);
def TradeCountBID = tick_count(priceType = PriceType.BID);
and does something on time-based charts, but doesn't do anything (seemingly) on tick-based charts.

Any help would be sincerely appreciated.