Bad day for me.


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Usually, Fridays are slow with hand picks looking for a runner, %, or even trend. Monday today hit me hard. Lesson learned is never to rely on just any plain o'l press release. PULM was an example (Monday) & RBZ that shockingly rocketed (Friday) gave me the tables turn that any day really can happen. An agreement may not always be a positive result. Merging, may not always be a positive result, let alone if two parties agree followed by a R/S - crisis averted see IMUX; would have been a disaster investing in it.

Today's picks I've underestimated were: PHUN, LTPX, & ... PULM which hit me hard. Possibly misunderstanding the PR is what led to my losses trying to decide if buying pre-market and into near closing of 3pm.

Where could I understand clearer English of different SEC filings?

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@Likos Sorry to hear that. Since I don't trade solely based on news or the SEC filling I'm afraid I can't help much. But I found this article which hopefully will help with your SEC question.

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@BenTen Funny my guy, I was just reading that while I was waiting for the reply xD

But not all my trades rely on PR. Also, it doesn't hurt to ride a breakout on a low float or potential break out. However, I do avoid the ones that have poor ratings or poor reputation overall with that particular stock with very little info or shady background.

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Results today was... interesting. I found the following good picks today were: AXTI, OGEN, INC, & RHE. It wasn't the volume that spoke, but also the heavy yellow bar arrow pointing upwards indicating a probability in my favor these were likely to explode. These were found around 4-5am. Sadly, falling asleep like an ***** I missed out the explosive awesomeness of RHE, & was ****ered into buying INC at 1.50, then noticed the hefty panic sells, thus leaving at 1.45, which backfired and resulted in a spike 1.8 x.x

The problem is despite my small capital, it's difficult which stock to drop it on that will go as insane as RHE 80%+

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What could I have done differently, @BenTen ? 4 choices, going in, it's difficult determining if it continues up or down. Even when I find a great potential breakout, it could be just no more than 10% and then dips down back to 0% gain.

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