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Automatic Charting & Target Price Identification


New member
What I am looking for is a website or software, and I don't mind paying if not free, that will take a stock, automatically recognize patterns/support lines/resistance lines and chart it accordingly as well as give me a reasonable idea of short and long term price targets based on trends and charting. My idea of short term is under 30 days, mostly under 10 trading days. Long term to me is longer than 30 days.

But if we can accomplish the same thing on ToS, fine but I am not a chart guy, I don't know or recognize technical chart trends and always either miss-identify price targets or over/under estimate them. So, something which is automatic would save a great deal of time and money lost.

If you use thinkorswim there is a pattern recognition built into it it's on the top right corner little bit below the top you'll see a symbol where it says pattern just simply click on that and once you click on it you will see the list of the patterns which it can read automatically and you just simply select those head save or apply and save and then it should show on the 15 minute chart 30 minute chart 1 hour and daily
Yes, price target help would be much appreciated. I tried the pattern recognition and this became more than it needed to be haha. Plus, I prefer looking at the 20 day, 1 hour chart and hate bouncing around from period to period. I know, lazy. But it works for me I guess. Narrowing down a semi-reliable price target after finding the right chart would be my main goal. I know the chart types I am looking for on the evening scanner and have preference and know it when I see it that's why I zip thru 200+ charts in short time every night. I know how to enter a stock. But I need a reliable exit goal and that doesn't mean sitting there and waiting for validation for 3 days or 2 weeks. Waste of time.
I checked out the TOS probability cone and that is useless because it basically divides the volatility by 50% and goes up or down equally. That is in no way a predictor
FYI I am a swing trader so my hold preference is between 1 day and 10 trading days. Though I have been known to hold longer. I have a few bags right now I am holding.
Tickeron. It wants you to subscribe, correct? I don't see any target price numbers. Did I miss it somewhere? I put in APPS because it's an upward moving stock which I own and wanted to know when to hold until.

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