ATS Master Forex Pattern Indicator


I need an indicator to help me find the Master Forex Pattern as illustrated by Action Threshold Software (ATS) below. I would like to present this MASTER PATTERN.I have tested it manually since I do not have the software ATS Developed, works very well. If we could code this for ThinkorSwim would be awesome.

Please watch closely to learn more about this Price Action Market Cycle Strategy. I have tested it but you are more then welcome to test it manually and please post your opinion. I think, this is worth coding it to TOS.

Thank you.

OK I will post some charts as I find some new opportunity in upcoming weeks.



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If you have watched the video, tested it on your own, and found good results with it, please write your own experience, show examples of real charts, etc. That way we can get a better understanding and potentially save some time.

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high of box + low of box divided by2
And box itself is fixed length? I was thinking volume POC would be natural area for that kind of line. But the period is something I am wondering about - naturally it should be tied to higher fractal. But what if previous fixed length was trend (and not contraction/expansion)
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Trading stocks is a whole new venture . Traded Forex with MT4 for about 6 years and decided to add stocks, futures. options, In order to do that I moved on to the TOS platform and I now have everything under one roof.. Aside from the VWAP indicator what else is everyone using, Indicators are a matter of preference , just trying to be in the same ballpark as everyone else, there are a ton of them for TOS. My currency charts include the 9,20 ema 50,200 sma and from what I have seen out there for stocks these moving averages seem to be popular. Appreciate any type of feedback,


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Welcome to the world of TOS

Different instruments respond to different indicators. There are literally thousands of indicators out there
Spend some time to be familiar with the sort of information you'd like to see and then test those against your instrument of choice.
One feature with moving averages is they do lag as it essentially waits for price to catch up, so most folks use faster periods for moving averages
I have heard of things like zero lag moving average but I have not looked into it at any great depth.


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Welcome Poparhon. Since you already know MA s I would stick with those. Tweak lengths or type to fit your style from scalp to swing to long. Add support/resistance or pivots. Add a consolidation indicator. Lower studies , so many, recommend RSI. So many lower studies, just experiment to find ones that make sense to you. If it does not , find something else.


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Thanks everyone for your contributions, I tried something different for S/R. I went out to the Monthly, Weekly, Daily, 4hr and plotted the horizontal lines and the results were spot on when I dropped down to the lower tf of 2min. and 5min charts. Each one that I plotted I made different colors. An Indicator that I use is Bill Williams fractals. Fractal Breaks, Bounces .Trade level to level


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I'm not very experienced in forex trading but I've come to realize a lot of the price movement is due to news or other analyst suggestions. Are there any indicators/strategies that are strictly devoted to forex and nothing else? Your comments/suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Regards to all

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The indicator I am looking for is just a range expansion, some that draws a box from high to low wick to wick from specified times. Example Asia session 8-11pm blue box London session 2 to 5am yellow box New york session 8am to 11am green box, or whatever box/shade color I need. I have searched and could not find anything like this. Nothing to do with gambling, I need session boxes drawn on specified trading times. Oh by the way I have been trading forex for a year and there are a plethora of indicators which I do not use at all, just session shading/boxes. I still have an Oanda forex account, but I have moved more of my money to td ameritrade because I trade stocks also, but I want to trade my stocks and forex all on 1 broker, but until I get this indicator request fulfilled for thinkorswim, looks like I may still have to trade 2 brokers. Yes I am aware that I can manually draw out the sessions with the rectangle tool and that is what I have been doing, but it is much easier to have it automatically drawn for you.
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What I am looking for is pretty generic, maybe I did not word it right, but I think I did. I can't believe that there is not one single indicator or even something that can be modded quickly that draws a rectangle colored box from specified times. There are all kinds opening range indicators, expansion indicators that almost do what I am looking for except that it may only draw 2 boxes instead of 3, the plots may be limited to 2 areas instead of 3, they may draw a line divider per session instead of a box, so after seeing all of these indicators, I know what I am looking for is not to far fetched. Also there are tons of these indicators I am looking for on mt4 platform, but I suspect it is a real pain to try to convert data from mt4 to thinkscript.
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Only trying to be helpful and contribute. Many years back, in an attempt to improve my own trading of index futures, I read a book by Ed Ponsi, "Forex Patterns and Probabilities." It is an excellent book, and I still use some of his strategies in my own systems. It is nothing fancy. Very simple trading strategies. But I will tell you, in testing Ed's ideas, they were surprisingly effective. I think that forex, options, futures, whatever, have something for everyone. As has been said, there is no right investment or trade. In my 40 years of investing, everything has a certain "gambling" aspect to it. The key is managing risk, which is what indicators and systems are all about. I agree that there are probably tos applications that will resemble what @Troy is looking for. I hope someone can help him. If you love reading, studying and researching as much as I do, take a look at Ponsi's book. I got it at the local public library for free. If you love it, you can always buy it. I took notes out of it....

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