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Hello Everyone,

This is my first post.

Earlier today I put a question to the thinkScript lounge in TOS and quickly learned that I may not quite have things straight. I got it into my head that thinkScript might have access to Level 2 data, a notion of which I was quickly disabused.

This all began when I noticed that PriceType.ASK could be used as an argument in both the fundamental open() function and close(), e.g.,

plot AskOpen = open(priceType = PriceType.ASK);
plot AskClose = close(priceType = PriceType.ASK);

This led me to the idea that 'within' a candle there are almost certainly many orders occurring, each realized when an ask price was satisfied by a bid price. From this it followed that there must be multiple 'ask' prices inside a candle, and that TS gives us access to the ask at candle open and and candle close.

But according the folks in the lounge, I'm wrong about this. Nonetheless, these two lines are different.

What value, then, does open return when given argument PriceType.ASK and what does close return with the same argument?

Thanks for your help in reducing my confusion!

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