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Andrew's Pitchfork Indicator for ThinkorSwim


New member
Hi, I am looking for the fully-automated version of the Andrew’s pitchfork drawing tool for TOS. Does anyone know of any TOS script for it?

Something similar or better than the built-in pitchfork drawing tool that ThinkorSwim provided.


Any help will be much appreciated.


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I like to use the Andrew's Pitchfork to drawing tool to see early trend channel lines. And... I've found, that tick and range charts are much more accurate in predicting the exact level of these bounces. So... I don't use the multi-time frame version because that one doesn't work with tick and range charts.


Staff member
I take it that you have seen the Andrews Pitchfork under TOS drawing tools and you wish to have the drawings automated?

Alas, there are no TOS or custom studies for Andrew's Pitchfork. The reason you only find it on paid sites, is that it's logic is beyond what most of the posters here and on TradingView, etc... can manage. But it never hurts to ask.
@SleepyZ just provided a study for the TOS drawing tool Fibonacci Extensions. So, I am never saying something can't be done again. :)
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