After hours futures


I traded futures last night with a positive trade. I closed out my position as I always do to avoid overnight,
only to wake up to a big missed opportunity. My ask to the community is what do you all do for overnight trading for those traders on EDT trading futures?

  • Place orders based on a price level?
  • Set your BT speaker in your bedroom and have audible alerts based on a condition to wake you up to trade?
  • Place your trade and set a stop loss? trailing stop using atr, %?
  • Wake up early to trade at 4 or 5AM?
  • Not to worry about it and just trade when you get on the computer?


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Like JohnPM said...
Sleep is important. Opportunities are infinite.
however sometimes some opportunities are so worth it that ive only done it a hand full of times and woken up.

a little extreme but you can leave the chart open and running and set your speakers to MAX and have it alert to wake you up when the defined condition is met. or you can just set a alarm if you know a international event is going to take place while you would typically be sleeping. Over time ive found that "in general" I tend to make more money on correctly predicting events than scans (patience is a virtue), therefore a reminder or alarm based off a reminder works best in my opinion. To each their own.


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I've done this for almost 40 years now, seen lots of good and bad stuff. Folks who don't treat this like a job, eg, work a set hour workday, end up burning out, losing heir dough and wondering why

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