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AddOrders executing 2 bars after event instead of 1?

Hey guys and gals,

I've been backtesting a new strategy and for some reason my orders are not executing on the 1st bar after the conditions are satisfied, but instead skipping a bar and executing 2 bars after the event. What makes it stranger is that sometimes it executes like it normally does and buys/sells on the bar after the conditions are satisfied, but this is a small percentage of the time.

I've narrowed the script down to be extremely simple (pardon my hiding the key variables for confidentiality) for testing:

def x= if high("XYZ") >= # then 1 else 0;
def y= if low("XYZ") <= # then 1 else 0;

AddOrder(OrderType.BUY_AUTO, x== 1, close, 300, tickcolor = GetColor(1), arrowcolor = GetColor(1));

AddOrder(OrderType.SELL_AUTO, y== 1, close, 300, tickcolor = GetColor(2), arrowcolor = GetColor(2));

This is literally it... no offsets, nothing. Buy when x==1 it doesn't buy on the next bar, but the following. Anyone else experienced this or know what might be causing it?
@TraderKevin instead of BUY on close, try open[-1]

This had no effect on which candle the buy/sell order executed, only on the price that it executed at. This is to be expected... that parameter of the addorder function only controls the price when backtesting I believe. If you put 100 in there, the buy/sell price will always be 100, no matter what's happening with the candle or the rest of the strategy, and won't change the candle the addorder function executes on.
Upon further testing, I've noticed that when backtesting the strat over the last 30 days, before June 26th it adds an extra candle before executing the buy/sell, but after June 26th it acts normally (buys/sells on the bar following the condition being met). So weird!

Any ideas?

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