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Using the comparison script in TOS, I've created a chart that compares mutilple ETF's using (different colored lines) and showing their return for that period on the right axis.

However I was wondering if I could have labels on the chart in the color of the respective ETF and the ETF's name in the label as I sometimes forget which line corresponds to which ETF.

I would appreciate any help as I've been trying to write the script on my own but having difficulty (complete newbie).
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@rbark3r Yes, but you will need to post your existing code using the </> icon so we can set and evaluate your existing code and present potential modifications... We can't do much based on an idea alone...
@rbark3r Yes, but you will need to post your existing code using the </> icon so we can set and evaluate your existing code and present potential modifications... We can't do much based on an idea alone...

Sorry, please see below.

input comparisonStyle = {"BAR", "CANDLE", default "LINE"};
input secondarySecurity = "";
addLabel(secondarySecurity, secondarySecurity.TakeValueColor());

Not sure what I'm doing wrong
Got this error message

"Can not call TakeValueColor on secondarySecurity at 3:32"

maybe TakeValueColor isn't allowed in a label.
if things don't work,
copy the problem code line,
comment out the original with #,
and experiment with the copy.
make it as simple as possible, to get it to work. put in a constant color, like
you could use getcolor( 2) for a plot line color, then use the same number in the label. could define a global color, and reuse it in label.
@rbark3r You have the error "Can not call TakeValueColor on secondarySecurity"
Because your variable secondarysecurity HAS NO COLOR
you need to provide color to your variable base on criteria and then you can pass that color using the the takecolor function.

If you search this forum for takecolor, you will find many examples which perhaps you can modifiy to do what you are trying to do.

I feel your pain o_O But I learn more from my failures than my successes so stick with it. TOS becomes more intuitive the more you read the examples in this forum and implement them in your scripts.

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