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Some folks like to have an Upper Graph above Price, Volume-Lower added on the charts, so I offer the question is there already a method to do this? Thanks in advance for everyone's thoughts and input, hopefully, this question won't fall into the unanswered category.
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Studies posted here in uTS are of BOTH varieties, i.e. upper and lower. Lower chart studies have the statement "declare lower" embedded in the code. It all depends on the type of study that is written. Volume related, oscillator-related and even multiple time frame (MTF) related are typically found in lower charts. There may be exceptions. For example some MACD studies may be upper chart as some programmers may decide to best represent studies that way. All of this will come apparent as you become familiar with the different studies out there.

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I appreciate the reply @tomsk so the question didn't fall into the unanswered bin. Just to be clear I'm looking for this as a Graph above the price graph .. if it's common enough, could someone please post a link where I can start my research ?
Agin thank you@tomsk, for trying to help answer my question but if that's a simple upper study-overlay inside the price area you're not understanding the question..which is likely my fault. Allow me to refresh the question. Is there any way to move 1 or more lower studies above the price area in what would be its own 'Upper' quadrant? Either working with or around 'Edit Studies' or other means so I can see simply see a MACD, for example above the price area?
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@MrD Your original question was difficult to understand. But I think I know what you’re asking for now. And the answer is no.

If you want to add the volume graph to your chart, go to Settings > Equities > Show volume subgraph.

Also, you can add a custom volume average indicator (VolAvg). This is a built-in script, so you just have to get it from the Studies section.
@BenTen thank you for the follow up. I should have posted a chart example to begin with, a picture is worth a lot of time.
If you find a way to move volume or indicators above the price area as seen in the chart link below, please let me know.

One more thing is there perf code or method for inserting pics into the text area as opposed to links.
Your help is much appreciated.
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Volume and indicator above price:

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