Add stoploss price order to thinkscript strategy?


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Any ideas for the command to get stoploss loss order price into thinkscript. With the "GetAveragePrice()" prebuilt command, it's easy to get the current trade price but I'm unable to find similar (or some other workaround other than manually entering) for stploss price. Thanks.

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This question was asked sometime ago but I had a similar one and hoping someone might be able to assist.

Below a simple strategy order.
Def buySig= ALMA > ALMA[1];
Def sellSig= ALMA < ALMA[1];

AddOrder(OrderType.BUY_AUTO, buySig, tradeSize = 1, arrowcolor = Color.GREEN, tickcolor = Color.GREEN, name = "<LONG>");
AddOrder(OrderType.SELL_AUTO,sellSig, tradeSize = 1, arrowcolor = Color.RED, tickcolor = Color.RED, name = "<SELL>");

Is it possible as @jayboo876 asked is there anyway to place a stop loss OR is it possible to have a command that once a certain price or percentage is made the position will close out.

I want to add to my strategy the exit trigger either at a certain percentage or at a certain profit level.

Example: When i hit 1500 dollars of profit I want an exit trade to execute and when I hit -500 dollar loss I want an exit trade to execute (1/3 risk reward)

Any help would be appreciated.


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AddOrder(OrderType.SELL_TO_CLOSE, low < EntryPrice() - (EntryPrice() * 0.1), EntryPrice() - (EntryPrice() * 0.1), 100);

In this line you sell 100 shares when low is down 10% from where you bought.

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