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i would like to run scans on a 3 hour basis, but the setting only includes 1,2, 4 hours and i couldn`t find a way to customize this.
I cannot use aggregationperiod within a scan.
Is there a way to implement a 3 hour scan?
For example: Show me stocks which last price crossed above 200EMA on a 3 hour chart.



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I've had the same issue but there is no way around it. In your case though you can get simple averages by using the ratio of your time frame to another. if you wanted to do this for an ema it would be tougher. For example 100 sma on a 2 hour is a 50 sma on a 4 hour.


Thanks for your reply. What i further noticed is, that tos´s results do not contain all possible stocks. For example, i programmed a little scanner to get informed when the stock crosses it´s 50tma on a 2hour chart. Yesterday OSTK did so, but my scanner did not show this stock, but some ohthers, so i guess the scanner works. Is it because of the restrictions to a max of 2000 stocks? For me it is not clear, which stocks get scanned and which are not under these circumstances.
The only software i know which scans the entire market is TC 2000, but this has some limitations (no scans for 3 hours but 195 minutes, no variables can be programmed).

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