10 Min Heikin Ashi Colors on 1 Min bars for ThinkOrSwim


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This indicator will display Heikin Ashi colors (red or green) from any period on any other period.
In this example, I'm putting 10 minute Heikin Ashi colors on 1 minute bars.
This is possible thanks to the Aggregation Period function.
input UsePeriod = aggregationperiod.ten_MIN;
Notice the white label in the upper left hand corner designates the period in use.


## Heiken Aski Multi-Time Frame
## 2019 Paul Townsend v3

input UsePeriod = aggregationperiod.ten_MIN;

def aOpen = open(period = usePeriod);
def aClose = close(period = usePeriod);
def aHigh = high(period = usePeriod);
def aLow = low(period = usePeriod);

def haClose = (aOpen + aClose + aHigh + aLow)/4;
def haOpen = (haOpen[1] + haClose[1]) /2;

assignpriceColor(if haOpen < haClose then color.green else
if haOpen > haClose then color.red else color.white);

addlabel(yes,"[" + useperiod/60000 + "]",color.white);


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Can someone help with building a script for multi-time frame closing price?
I want to be able to view the closing price of any time frame (from 30m, hourly etc - preferably have the option of selecting any time time frame I want) on smaller time frames and indicate it with a line on my intraday 1 or 3min chart.
If there is a way to do this such that I can select any price type (OHLC) of a larger time frame (from 30mins upwards), on smaller time frames (between 1-5mins) that would be awesome.
Thanks guys!


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Can someone help with building a script for multi-time frame closing price?
@Utajiri I think this code already exists. I'm just trying to find it. I Looked all over for it. No luck yet.

"The top chart is AAPL 5 min chart with 15 minute overlay. The bottom chart is the same 5 min chart of AAAPL with a 60 min overlay. "

Quick question: is this similar to what @shizah requested here: https://usethinkscript.com/threads/candle-plot-mtf.746/ ?

@BenTen Yes. They both display a longer time frame over a shorter time frame.

My Percent Range Indicator would be much better if I could draw a box like the chart above, (instead of using that sloppy AddCloud() function). I was thinking of posting a question about that, but if anyone knows where the code to the above chart is, please post a link here.


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This is about as close as I can find. @Utajiri This will work for you.
I'll post this in the Indicator Section, with a chart later, just so it's in the library.
input agg = AggregationPeriod.FOUR_HOURS;
plot o = open(period = agg);
plot c = close(period = agg);
o.AssignValueColor(if o > c then Color.Red else Color.Green);
c.AssignValueColor(if o > c then Color.Red else Color.Green);
AddCloud(c, o, Color.Green, Color.Red);

But... my Percent Range Indicator doesn't look back based on a different time period,
but rather a number of bars. So this technique won't work for me.
I'll keep looking for a solution on that.


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@Townsend your script above is really nice and using it helped me to clean up my chart as well as provide great continuation trend entries and avoid chop.

I have forgotten the author of this "Plot Price" script.

Modified it to paint ValueColor. Painting Strategy as LINE works well with Heiken Ashi.

# Plot Price useful with "Heiken Ashi"
# UNTICK 'Show Last Price Bubble" Chart Settings, General

plot price = close;


price.AssignValueColor(if price > price[1] then Color.DARK_GREEN else Color.DARK_RED);