1. Welkin

    ATR Cloud Levels for ThinkorSwim

    Think I might've posted a older version of something similar I'd made in the past, but couldn't find it... figured I'd post this one because it's far less intrusive on a chart, especially when you have other indicators on top of it. Plots ATR Levels above and below the day's open to a max of 2x...
  2. Welkin

    Ultimate VWAP Indicator for ThinkorSwim

    This is kind of an all in one VWAP Deviation Bands indicator with some other bells and whistles. Main VWAP with 3 Standard Deviation bands can be set to Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. Clouds form when Daily 2nd Deviation Upper/Lowerband crosses the Weekly 2nd Std Deviation Upper/Lowerband. Same...
  3. Welkin

    VWAP Price Tug Histogram for ThinkorSwim

    I didn't know what to name this indicator so I simply called it the VWAP tug. This modeled after something I've noticed in relation to VWAP and strong opens as well as small changes in VWAP over time with trends and the way price "tugs" or pulls the vwap in its direction. What this does is...
  4. Welkin

    MA Colored Heiken Ashi Trend with PaintBars for ThinkorSwim

    This script colors a Moving Average (simple, exponential, hull, weighted, wilders, and variable) line in accordance to how Heiken Ashi trend bars are painted. You can also toggle to Paint normal candle stick bars to match Heiken Ashi trend bars so that you can see the regular candlesticks...
  5. Welkin

    TTM Squeeze Clouds Indicator for ThinkorSwim

    I saw a video with John F. Carter explaining that the squeeze is when the Bollinger Bands cross inside of Keltner Channels. I decided to script it into cloud form. It appears this would have great applications for finding ranges to scalp as well. thinkScript Code #MTF Squeeze Clouds...
  6. Welkin

    Advanced Volume Indicator for ThinkorSwim

    Updates & Features: Showing Volume Bars as Candlesticks is now optional and can be toggled on/off in the study settings Added Labels to show Day and Current Volume/ Avg Relative Volume / and Vol Relative to Previous When the chart time frame > daily time frame the daily volume label will be...
  7. Welkin

    Previous Day High/Low/Close For ThinkOrSwim

    I like to find ways to remove clutter from the charts so I came up with this. Figured others might find it appealing as well. Plots previous day's high, low and close, as well as the current days open on expansion. these values are taken from the daily aggregation. #[email protected] def...

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