ToS being slow/unusable and SoftBank


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We've all shared thoughts about mutual frustrations during August with various platforms being slow, unusable, no fills, odd fills, prices being 'jumped' etc, I even saw one twitter post about a market order not filling. I'd like to ask the community to keep an eye out for news about this given yesterday's news about SoftBank being the options whale who ran the market up considerably. I am posting a link to ZH (I know some of their stuff is nutty, weird or even offensive but still they do post some good stuff) about SoftBank's trading.

My initial theory subject to change is if tos and all the platforms got gazumped by HFTs who were too busy executing SoftBank's trades to care about our trades and thats why tos etc kept saying its not them. And it took tos a while to change tos' algos on how they sell our orders to be executed. Kinda like keeping the kids out of the pool during a grownup party.

Heres the link -

I'm not saying folks weren't poorly treated, just wondering if no broker has seen this before and nobody knew how to react.

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