RSI con/div a new indicator to confirm buy and sell signals

Monster Calls

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Hi Peeps, my name is Monster Calls on Twitter and i'm back to trading.
In the past i created an indicator that basically was giving me buy and sell signals with the RSI and i called it RSI Convergence/Divergence. Is basically two RSI, one is an avg between the daily and the weekly(fast line) and the other is the weekly RSI. Both where plotted on the same area and when the fast RSI line was crossing above the Slow RSI line, i was getting a buy signal, viceversa was a sell.

I would like to have an help from you if is possible, to recreate the indicator and i'm happy to share it with all of you.

Could you be so gentle to help me?


Monster Calls

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Not really the one i'm looking for.

I don't know how to post a photo here while should be linked to an URL, but what i mean is an RSI with two lines, one is the normal RSI and the other one is the average RSI with daily+weekly

Basically will be similar to an MACD but with the RSI line that cross against eachothers


Also you said " one is an avg between the daily and the weekly(fast line) ". However, the MACD line is the difference of two moving averages. So which is it, an average or a difference?

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