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How to Scan for SequenceCounter Signals in ThinkorSwim


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Hey, im looking for a script which can scan for Demark signals or sequence counter 9 and 13 both buy and sell signals on certain time frames. I want to have it with alerts and want to be able to select what time frame to scan on. Looking to make a watchlist with it Thanks in advance!


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Can anyone give me some insight on the error I am getting. (not the best at working thru the logic).

SequenceCounter()."Perfect Buy" is true within 2 bars (on 1 hour)

Get the following error.. Folding: integer 'to' is expected. NaN

what am I missing? thanks


Interesting issue since this study code works.

plot A = if SequenceCounter()."Perfect Buy" is true within 2 bars
         then close()
         else Double.NaN;

I tried using the "perfect buy" formula as well but that ended in tears.


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@Sean_C I'm not sure that the SequenceCounter() function is broken but it's definitely a bit quirky... I haven't played with it much to date but may give it a go later this evening...

Edited to add: I found this information on Jim Shinglers site:
The use of the TOS 'SequenceCounter', for intra-day trading, has an advantage when the count can be viewed to multiple aggregations simultaneously. This can be done by setting up a grid of 4 components, as an example. The below picture illustrates doing this. Also configure the chart to synchronize the cursor across all grid charts via Chart settings/general tab/Synchronize crosshair position. A tick chart seems to present a neat plot. Regular grids is suggested in lieu of flexible grids.

The example picture is no longer available on his site...
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Can @BenTen help me scan any stock that with sell formation is 1?
🙏 please! Thanks.


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I know there is a generic watchlist column for the sequence counter, is there any way to customize it so that the numbers show which direction it is going? Red, numbers are counting down, and green for when numbers are counting up? Would make it easier to know which way the stock is heading.
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