Display Option position cost average in ThinkorSwim?


Hi, I have a question about displaying the average cost of an option position. For example if you were to average into a position and you bought several contracts of the same strike price and expiration. Example 1 contract @ 1.50, 1 contract @ 1.25, 1 contract @ 1.00, for a total of 3 contracts. Your position avg cost would be 1.25. Is there a way to add to a chart or a column in the Monitor (activity and positions) to display this information quickly without having to look at your individual purchases and average them yourself? I hope this makes sense. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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Nope... We cannot modify the Montior Panel... However, the easy way is to utilize the Current Positions Watchlist and add the Avg Price and Pos Qty columns... Note that this Watchlist only displays active positions... I keep it towards the top of my Watchlists in the left sidebar... I don't have any currently open positions so a pic would be moot but mine only has Symbol, Pos Qty, Avg Price, Last, Net Chng, and P/L Open for columns...


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Ok thanks, do you have the script to get the avg price of the current position that you are in?
No, it is displayed in the Avg Price column... No calculation necessary... Just try it rather than asking questions... You'll see how it works... 💡

Edited to add: What the column does, essentially:

def avgPrice = EntryPrice() ;

For more information, check out EntryPrice() and GetQuantity() in the Learning Center...
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