Youtube Video- can you make something like that?



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I found the video with the indicator, but Im not able yet to post an image.
Observing the indicator, the difference between the max and min values of the upper range and the lower range are different. The upper is 2.09 and the lower is 1,1. So i think we can assume that is not related to the ATR. In my opinion, it shoud be related to the size of the "reversal candle" at the specific supply or demand zone.

The stock being analyzed is BYND at May 7, 20. The "TrueTraderReversal" indicator is showing the upper zone between 148.57 and 150.66 and the lower zone between 117.8 and 116.7. Now i'm going to play with the levels in different time frames and try to find the reversal candle.


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is there any way this indicator can be turned into a scanner?tired to use it as study can but nothing is showing up?thanks
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