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New to TOS platform and still trying to learn Thinkscript. This community has been amazing so far to help me learn and I have another (hopefully quick) question that I'm hoping someone in the community can help me with. I'm trying to create regression lines using 3 different EMAS and I have the following code written up. If someone in the community can validate that I'm using the Linear Regression function properly that'll be greatly appreciated. Is InertiaAll the correct way to call up the Linear Regression function in TOS?

input price1 = low;
input length1 = 8;

input price2 = high;
input length2 = 3;

input price3 = low;
input length3 = 17;

plot MiddleLR1 = InertiaAll(price1, length1);
plot MiddleLR2 = InertiaAll(price2, length2);
plot MiddleLR3 = InertiaAll(price3, length3);
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