Working around "rec usage is not allowed in this context" StudyAlerts under Market watch


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Hey Guys,

I had a question and I was wondering if anyone has found an answer. First thanks Ben and others for all the great info on this site. My question is this, as the title states I'm looking to set up Conditional Study Alerts found under marketwatch tab. In particular I wish to use the Languerre RSI, along with a few other conditions, to trigger alert to phone. The problem is the Rec Coding. If you enter this L-RSI into the study alert tab you get the statement found in the title. I was wondering if there was a work around. Thanks.



I'm not sure if alerts generated by indicators will show up on the mobile app. I never experience such thing so I can't confirm it. Regarding the error, @markos is familiar with the L-RSI indicator, he might be able to help.


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Thanks @BenTen (y)

Hey @Brady0524
We can get this fixed. I will have to look into it when I get home tonight. There are a number of variations to this code.

In the meantime, please go to Tutorials and find the "how to guide for the RSI Laguerre indicator". Please read all the way down.

Next, open the studies that you are using, then copy and paste the whole code in here. Both the chart study and the scan study. Be sure to put
#??Code??# In front of each code before you post the reply.

You may need an updated code. For one reason or another ToS broke the RSI Lg scanner during a language upgrade last year.
In that vein, please insert this scan to see if it works or not with your current code.
From <>
I will check in later on this evening, Markos


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@Brady0524 . I am moving to the other page. Please use that one instead of this one.
Did you go thru everything that I had mentioned above?

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