Weekly Recap #1: Losing -$1,054 from ROKU and Netflix



Hey everyone, wanted to try something new here. At the end of each week, I'll just post some short recaps of my trading, new stuff that are happening, etc.

I lost HUGE this week!

Seriously! If you're following me on Twitter or have joined our chatroom, you know that this week has been absolute madness for me. I started out okay but then midway through the week everything just went crazy. I was losing left and right. Didn't follow my trading rules (not patient enough with my entry, didn't respect my stops, didn't wait for confirmations).

Guess what? That ended up costing me all of my profit for the year. I didn't blow up my entire account (thank god) but I did lose all my profit for the year of 2019.

I already addressed this in a series of tweets. If you're interested, click down below to learn more.

How I'm going to MAKE it all back and more?

First thing first, I'm thankful that I didn't blow up my entire account. I still got my initial investment in my TastyWorks account. I will spend the weekend going over all the trades for this week. See what I did right and wrong. Take a lot of notes and get ready for next week.

I will need to take it easy on myself starting next week as I already lost all my profit.

Ace uploaded a new video

If you don't know Ace, you should check him out. He's one of the admins in our chatroom. He just uploaded a new video showcasing his win on $NVDA today.

Here is the link to it.

If you would like to share your progress, feel free to comment down below as well.

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