VWAP 5 MIN Scalp Strategy - Need Back Testing Help



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I've been trading this strategy for a about 2 months and just was curious on back testing the strategy to see results. It has worked pretty well since I've been using it. I normally get stopped on spike in volatility or news. I also use RSI for spotting divergence that helps confirm setups for high probability trades.

5 Min Chart /ES
Short Rules: If price is below the VWAP & Below 200 SMA, then when price touches VWAP enter short position with STOP 0.50 points above the ATR. Profit Target 1.5 points.
Long Rules: If Price is above VWAP & Above 200 SMA, then when touches VWAP enter long position with stop 0.50 points above ATR. Profit Target 1.5 Points.