Volume Buy Sell Indicator with Hot Percent for ThinkorSwim ----- Update



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Redid the plots a bit to show actual buying and selling. Previous plot showed total volume and selling volume. So you had to judge by how high the sell bar reached on the total volume bar to determine if there was more buying or selling. This seems to me to be easier to see buying and selling.

Still has the high percent marker on bars over a user defined volume percent.
Added a 50 day moving average of volume.
Added some labels for those who like labels.

The old one is shown below:

Same volume indicator as shown by shintus. It color codes volume by amount of volume on up-tick versus amount of volume on down-tick. I added a second study showing a bars with a percentage of volume over the average volume.

User can set the percent.
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Seems were awash in cool volume studies.
Thanks to all who give back!

Do we have one that tells us what the volume is at 11:00 am vs yesterday at 11:00 am? Maybe I missed it.


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Can we take this down? Or at least modify the comment up top so it doesn't credit 7of9. This is just a slightly modified study thats been available on the web for a while. 7of9 is a known code thief.

The original author is unknown.
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Would it be possible to make a new script from the code above that only shows the "current bar sell percent" label?
Reson i ask is because i already use another volume study and they conflict somehow when i have them both activated so if anyone could help me create a new script or at least tell me what part of the code above i need to use if i want to create a new script that only show the sell % bar as a label.

The information in that specific label is very useful to me in my trading.


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declare lower;


input ShowSellVolumePercent = yes;

def O = open;
def H = high;
def C = close;
def L = low;
def V = volume;
def buying = V*(C-L)/(H-L);
def selling = V*(H-C)/(H-L);

#Volume Data

def today = volume(period = "DAY");

def curVolume = volume;

def SellVolPercent = Round((Selling / Volume) * 100, 0);

# Labels

AddLabel(ShowSellVolumePercent, "Cur Bar Sell %: " + SellVolPercent, (if SellVolPercent > 51 then Color.RED else if SellVolPercent < 49 then Color.GREEN else Color.ORANGE));