Using Custom Studies in "Option Hacker"

I'm trying to use the custom study in the Option Hacker, however the results are shown up for the stocks which are satisfied with the mentioned indicator.

Example: If I try to display the option contracts which are moving beyond RSI overbought. It displays the option contracts in the Option Hacker(TOS scan) but the RSI 70 crosses for the stock and not the listed option contract.



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Even though you are in option hacker it will scan for the underlying asset and scan for the underlying assest's RSI. TOS will not let you scan using option hacker or stock hacker for the option contract's RSI. Any custom study you add will be scan against the underlying symbol. TOS will not let you scan against options (individual option contracts) with any custom scan other that the built in scans that are defined under OPTIONS filter.
Thanks for your response. You're correct. I mentioned as an example. I selected RelativeMomentumindex indicator, I'm trying to display the results if the RMI crosses over bot(70).

I'm just going through some videos and understand that study filters are applicable to only stock and not to the options. Pls. correct me if I'm understanding is correct. Is there any way to scan the option contracts based on the above criteria?

Edit: You're correct ! thanks for your response. Do you see any other way to scan them? for the option results?
@XeoNoX Sure thanks. I have got the option filter. I'm using option filter along with study filter where I would like to display the option contracts to meet those two filters (options filter and Scan). Now I understand that scan works against Symbol and not the option contractor.

Can we do any other way to apply study filter against option contracts to get the results :)

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