Trouble defining variables based on current symbol


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I have a script that plots price lines based on some calculations, however I am currently defining variables based on inputs.

The goal here is to define variables dynamically based on the current symbol.

If the current symbol is AMD, define Price1 as 50 and Price2 as 20.
If the current symbol is SPX, define Price1 as 3000 and Price2 as 2900.

For some reason, this logic is displaying "Invalid statement: if at 1:1" and "Syntax error: Semicolon expected at 1:1". Can anyone help? I really can't tell what I am missing, or if switch statement would be better.

if GetSymbol() == "SPX" {
    Price1 = "2900";
    Price2 = "3000";
} else

if GetSymbol() == "AMD" {
    Price1 = "50";
    Price2 = "20";
} else  {


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I was able to accomplish something in the meantime, however I am not sure this is the most efficient way of defining the variables:

def Price1 = if (GetSymbol() == "AMD") then 50
     else if (GetSymbol() == "SPX") then 2900
     else if (GetSymbol() == "SPY") then 290
     else if (GetSymbol() == "AAPL") then 286
     else if (GetSymbol() == "STZ") then 164
     else Double.NaN;

def Price2 = if (GetSymbol() == "AMD") then 20
     else if (GetSymbol() == "SPX") then 3000
     else if (GetSymbol() == "SPY") then 300
     else if (GetSymbol() == "AAPL") then 292
     else if (GetSymbol() == "STZ") then 168
     else Double.NaN;


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Define the variables above your conditional statement. If you assign a value in an IF statement, you must make sure each ...IF, ELSE IF, ELSE assigns also.

def Price1;
def Price2;
if GetSymbol() == "SPX" {
    Price1 = 2900;
    Price2 = 3000;
} else if GetSymbol() == "AMD" {
    Price1 = 50;
    Price2 = 20;
} else  {
    Price1 = Double.NaN;
    Price2 = Double.NaN;

Also, the current symbol is the default when you use most Thinkscript functions (just use high, low, close, open, etc)
I prefer to make the numbers fully dynamic:
input percent = 1;
def Price3 = close * (1 - percent/100);
def Price4 = close * (1 + percent/100);

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