TOS Help With Custom Script Forecast Oscillator


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Hello ThinkScript community!
I'm brand new here (just joined today).
Looking for help building a custom scan for TOS.
I've been working with the ForecastOscillator and TimeSeriesForecast Indicators lately.
I'd like to create a scan for the ForecastOscillator, anytime that the FOSC value is greater than the previous bar.
I'm able to easily scan for a value greater than zero. But I would like to be able to scan anytime the FOSC value is more positive than the previous bar.
For Example: If the value Yesterday was 1, and today it is 3, I would like to know.
Also, if the value yesterday -3, and today it is -1, I would like to know.

Anytime the positive value has increased, or the negative value has decreased.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thank You!


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To frame my question another way:
How to scan for an increase in value from the previous bar? Even if it is still negative (just less negative than the previous bar).
I can scan for positive values (greater than Zero) but can’t figure out how to scan if the FOSC value is greater than the previous bar

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