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Looking for some help. Anyone know how to write a code to place in my scanner that will only scan premarket from 4am - 9:30am


By only scanning during pre-market. You can also use the “within X bars” as a lookback period.


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@chosen Type the word Universe in the search box above. I know that there are more than one of those scanners in there, but you will have to hunt.


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Search code here that uses SecondsFromTime and SecondsTillTime. You may need to adjust for your timezone.

I use a variable in all my scripts like
input timeOffsetFromEST = -300; #hint timeOffsetFromEST: 24-hour time offset from EST (-300 for PST)

and then
startTime = 0630 - timeOffsetFromEST;
endOfTradingTime = 1315 - timeOffsetFromEST;

and then maybe something like
def isActive = if SecondsTillTime(endTime) > 0 and SecondsFromTime(startTime) >= 0
then 1
else 0;

def atEndTime = if secondsTillTime(endTime) == 0
then 1
else 0;


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This study plots the opening 9:30 EST price but keeps plotting till the next day at 9:30. I would like to stop plotting at 4:15EST. Can anyone help with this? thanks

input showOnlyToday = YES;
input Market_Open_Time = 0931;
input Market_Close_Time = 1615;
input Market_Close_Time2 = 1600;

def OpeningBell = if SecondsTillTime(Market_Open_Time)[1] > 0 and SecondsTillTime(Market_Open_Time) <= 0 or (SecondsTillTime(Market_Open_Time)[1] < SecondsTillTime(Market_Open_Time) and SecondsTillTime(Market_Open_Time)[1] > 0) then 1 else 0;

def day = GetDay();
def lastDay = GetLastDay();
def isToday = If(day == lastDay, 1, 0);
def shouldPlot = If(showOnlyToday and isToday, 1, If(!showOnlyToday, 1, 0));

def pastOpen = If((SecondsTillTime(Market_Open_Time) > 0), 0, 1);
def pastClose = If((SecondsTillTime(Market_Close_Time) > 0), 0, 1);
def pastClose2 = If((SecondsTillTime(Market_Close_Time2) > 0), 0, 1);
def marketOpen = If(pastOpen and !pastClose, 1, 0);
def firstBar = If (day[1] != day, 1, 0);

def closingBell = if SecondsTillTime(Market_Close_Time)[1] > 0 and SecondsTillTime(Market_Close_Time) <= 0 or (SecondsTillTime(Market_Close_Time)[1] < SecondsTillTime(Market_Close_Time) and SecondsTillTime(Market_Close_Time)[1] > 0) then 1 else 0;

def closingBell2 = if SecondsTillTime(Market_Close_Time2)[1] > 0 and SecondsTillTime(Market_Close_Time2) <= 0 or (SecondsTillTime(Market_Close_Time2)[1] < SecondsTillTime(Market_Close_Time2) and SecondsTillTime(Market_Close_Time2)[1] > 0) then 1 else 0;

rec regHoursHigh = If(high > regHoursHigh[1] and marketOpen, high, If(marketOpen and !firstBar, regHoursHigh[1], high));
rec regHoursLow = If(low < regHoursLow[1] and marketOpen, low, If(marketOpen and regHoursLow[1] > 0 and !firstBar, regHoursLow[1], low));

rec runningClose = CompoundValue(1, if closingBell then close[1] else runningClose[1], close);
rec prevClose = CompoundValue(1, if closingBell then runningClose else prevClose[1], close);

#rec runningClose2 = compoundValue(1, if closingBell2 then close[1] else runningClose2[1], close);
#rec prevClose2 = compoundValue(1, if closingBell2 then #runningClose2 else prevClose2[1], close);

rec prevHigh = CompoundValue(1, if closingBell then regHoursHigh[1] else prevHigh[1], high);
rec prevLow = CompoundValue(1, if closingBell then regHoursLow[1] else prevLow[1], low);

plot pc = if shouldPlot then prevClose else Double.NaN;

#plot pc2 = if shouldPlot then prevClose2 else double.nan;

plot pl = if shouldPlot then prevLow else Double.NaN;

plot ph = if shouldPlot then prevHigh else Double.NaN;

rec runningOpen = CompoundValue(1, if OpeningBell then open[1] else runningOpen[1], open);
rec prevOpen = CompoundValue(1, if OpeningBell then runningOpen else prevOpen[1], open);
plot Open = if shouldPlot then prevOpen else Double.NaN;

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After the market close, I want to load a study that paints arrow on specific bars (5 min)? doable?



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Good day all,

I want to setup scan to run ONLY after the market closes (are say at 3 PM PST).

Is it possible (all the gettime and other functions are not allowing it)

Thanks in advance


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@BenTen ,
Thanks unfortunately ... it's not working..

I want to add a code so my scanner can run ONLY after after market ... and only once ... so i don't get multiple alerts :)

Here is the code i took.. all of them comes as ZERO only weird... ii changed the time to earlier to run... hmmm. nothing.

def startofRunTime = 1611;
def endOfTradingTime = 1645 ;

def isActive = if SecondsTillTime(endOfTradingTime) > 0 and SecondsFromTime(startofRunTime) >= 0
then 1
else 0;

Thanks again.


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I'm looking to figure the RTH hours ATR but on a extended hours chart for futures...

I know you can have thinkscript look at only certain times, but I'm not sure how to or if it's possible to only have it look at RTH timeframe over a series of days.

I'll work on this some and see if I can figure it out, but I figured I would ask here as if anyone knows it would be someone on here.


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