ThinkorSwim Iron Condors Short Leg Alert


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I currently manage my iron condors manually and roll them when the short legs hit 0.4. Is there an alert I can script so that I don't need to manually check it all the time?


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although possible it would require constant input of the expiration dates and strikes and would require you leave the chart open and that you be near the vicinity of the computer to be able to hear the alert sound (triggers the built in .wav file) come out your speakers. Not to mention the complexity of the script.

On the other hand if your trying to get email or notified ANY other way than mentioned above then its not possible as thinkorswim/tdamertirade does not allow scanning against alot of option syntaxes (parameters).

Unless you want to get real geeky and use the method above via sound alert and make it so that anytime the .wav file is triggered/accessed on your computer you get a email/txt msg, keep in mind however this would require 3rd party software and special setup. Doubt its worth the hassle.

so its possible..YES...... but is there a "practical method by industry standards" via thinkscript ...the answer is no.
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