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SPY EMA On Any Ticker Chart

Hopefully this makes sense. Looking to have an ema for the SPY on a chart for any other ticker, AMD for example. If candles above the SPY EMA then I am buying in alignment with overall market trend. Would be better for me then checking separate chart for spy as I have limited screen space. I have tried the comparison feature in the software, which puts two charts together but its cluttered looking.


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There will have scaling issue if the stock you're looking at is not around the same price level as SPY.

# EMA of SPY on Any Chart
# Assembled by BenTen at useThinkScript.com

def spy_price = close("SPY");
input length = 9;
input displace = 0;

plot AvgExp = ExpAverage(spy_price[-displace], length);
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Bung Bang

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Hi Ben, I have been thinking along the same line as TechnicallyDreaming but not on a chart; I want to have Scan codes to find Nasdaq stocks that are in divergence against SPY trend, something like the last 5 bars (agg=5 minutes) trending up in these stocks but SPY is trending down. Would you be able to help with these Scan codes ?

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