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Wondering if anyone has or has come across the smoothed Heiken Ashi code for TOS. I found the below but the constant problem I have seen is that it will not color the down candles to red. It all remains green. Anyone have any insight? I cannot remember where I came across the original code. Thanks

Rich (BB code):
input period = 6;
input hideCandles = YES;
input candleSmoothing = {default Valcu, Vervoort};


input movingAverageType = {default Simple, Exponential, Weighted, Hull, Variable, TEMA};

def openMA;
def closeMA; 
def highMA; 
def lowMA; 

switch (movingAverageType) {
case Simple:
openMA = compoundValue(1, Average(open, period), open);
closeMA = compoundValue(1, Average(close, period), close);
highMA = compoundValue(1, Average(high, period), high);
lowMA = compoundValue(1, Average(low, period), low);
case Exponential:
openMA = compoundValue(1, ExpAverage(open, period), open);
closeMA = compoundValue(1, ExpAverage(close, period), close);
highMA = compoundValue(1, ExpAverage(high, period), high);
lowMA = compoundValue(1, ExpAverage(low, period), low);
case Weighted:
openMA = compoundValue(1, WMA(open, period), open);
closeMA = compoundValue(1, WMA(close, period), close);
highMA = compoundValue(1, WMA(high, period), high);
lowMA = compoundValue(1, WMA(low, period), low);
Case Hull:
openMA = compoundValue(1, HullMovingAvg(open, period), open);
closeMA = compoundValue(1, HullMovingAvg(close, period), close);
highMA = compoundValue(1, HullMovingAvg(high, period), high);
lowMA = compoundValue(1, HullMovingAvg(low, period), low);
case variable:
openMA = compoundValue(1, VariableMA(open, period), open);
closeMA = compoundValue(1, VariableMA(close, period), close);
highMA = compoundValue(1, VariableMA(high, period), high);
lowMA = compoundValue(1, VariableMA(low, period), low);
case TEMA:
openMA = compoundValue(1, TEMA(open, period), open);
closeMA = compoundValue(1, TEMA(close, period), close);
highMA = compoundValue(1, TEMA(high, period), high);
lowMA = compoundValue(1, TEMA(low, period), low);


def haOpen;
def haClose;

switch(candleSmoothing) {
case Valcu:

haOpen = CompoundValue(1, ( (haOpen[1] + (openMA[1] + highMA[1] + lowMA[1] + closeMA[1]) /4.0)/2.0), open);
haClose = ((OpenMA + HighMA + LowMA + CloseMA)/4.0) ;

case Vervoort:
haOpen = CompoundValue(1, ( (haOpen[1] + (openMA[1] + highMA[1] + lowMA[1] + closeMA[1]) /4.0)/2.0), open);
haClose = ((((OpenMA + HighMA + LowMA + CloseMA)/4.0) + haOpen + Max(HighMA, haOpen) + Min(LowMA, haOpen))/4.0);


plot o = haopen;

def haLow = min(lowMA, haOpen);
def haHigh = max(highMA,haOpen); 

AddChart(high = haHigh, low = haLow, open = o, close = haclose, type = ChartType.CANDLE, growColor = GlobalColor("RisingMA"), fallColor = GlobalColor("FallingMA"), neutralColor = color.gray);
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