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Hey guys and gals,

I hope everyone is doing great!

I have been making some consistent profit from day trading with decent savings aside for emergencies like 3 years of rent & food at my current location. I think I am ready to make that jump to quit my regular job and day trade full time. However, I live in NYC. Things here are extremely competitive to get an apartment. Hypothetically if I want to move to a nice upscale place in the coming months. I need proof of income: pay stubs, bank details, credit history, tax forms, etc... If I were to be self-employed it's almost impossible for me to provide anything besides my brokers' statement showing I earn 40x times the monthly rent (rule of thumb to rent). I asked a few real estate agents if they would accept the broker's statement or bank savings as guarantors. To my surprise, they don't accept it.

So my questions here, if anyone of you has experience or know how to work around being self-employed getting approved for things that require lengthy paperwork for apartments, loans, etc? :)

The alternative is for me to create an LLC partnership and pay myself a paystub and wait for 1 year to get tax information. :confused:

Thank you for reading,
Any tips or advice are welcome too!
I think your tax statements maybe the key, or credit history or both, but don't count your chicken in an apartment
plan for the worst,...... risk management in anything.....

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