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script conversion from trendview to TOS


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Can someone covert the following script to TOS?
thanks in advance

study(title="TW Golden Indicators", shorttitle="TW Golden Indicators", overlay=true)

src = input(close, title="Source")
length = input(20, minval=1)
mult = input(2.0, minval=0.001, maxval=50, title="StdDev")
basis = sma(src, length)
dev = mult * stdev(src, length)
upper = basis + dev
lower = basis - dev
plot(basis, "Basis", color=red, linewidth = 2, transp = 10)
p1 = plot(upper, "Upper", color=teal, linewidth = 2, transp = 10)
p2 = plot(lower, "Lower", color=teal, linewidth = 2, transp = 10)
fill(p1, p2, title = "Background of BB", color=#198787, transp=95)

inBar = low > low[1] and high < high[1]
outBar = low < low[1] and high > high[1]
holyGrail = low[1] < low[2] and high[1] > high[2] and low > low[1] and high < high[1]

//inside and outside using background highlight
barcolor (inBar == 1 ? white : na, title = "Inside Bar")
barcolor (outBar == 1 ? black : na, title = "Outside Bar")
plotshape(inBar == 1, style = shape.labelup, text = "IB", location = location.abovebar, color = white, textcolor = black)
plotshape(outBar == 1, style = shape.labeldown, text = "OB", location = location.belowbar, color = black, textcolor = white)
bgcolor (holyGrail == 1 ? yellow : na, offset = -1, title = "Holy Grail - Out Bar")
bgcolor (holyGrail == 1 ? yellow : na, title = "Holy Grail - In Bar")


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@Laylabrador Welcome to the usethinkscript forums... Do you have a linkback to the original page the code was on as well as an image so we can see what the Study looks like...??? Those two additional items should always accompany requests... Be aware that only a very small percentage of requests are ever actually fulfilled...


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@Laylabrador The top part of the code is just bollinger bands.
def inbar = low > low[1] and high < high[1];
def outbar = low < low[1] and high > high[1];
def holygrail = outbar[1] and inbar;

AddChartBubble(inbar and !holygrail, high, "IB", color.CYAN);
AddChartBubble(outbar and !holygrail[-1], high, "OB", color.MAGENTA);
AddChartBubble(holygrail, high, "Holy Grail - In Bar", color.CYAN);
AddChartBubble(holygrail[-1], low, "Holy Grail - Out Bar", color.CYAN, no);


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@Laylabrador Looks like you got roped in by the "Holy Grail Daily" phrase on the chart... There is no Holy Grail... Looks like just Bollinger Bands and a Candle Pattern, nothing more... Have you used this indicator in Tradingview...??? The author provides no documentation on it whatsoever...


colored inside and outside bar looks interesting if someone can convert it.
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