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@tomsk I am having some scan trouble here. I would like to know why. Market closed or am I doing a ridiculous scan? Here is one of them. Basically I am trying to scan for stocks:
ATR => 1.5
OI 1000
Option volume 1000
Imp Vol =>30.%
Volume 1,000,000
with an ATM between 20. and 60.

I took out the two option volumes and every time I come up with stocks with 80. ATM asks.
What am I doing wrong?


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I need a poor mans option scanner with volume and 20. to 60. ATM. Is this even possible?
I am about to trade regular stocks the way @markos told me if this is not possible.


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@MBF It would be about time you listened to me! 🧐 ;) Be sure to bore yourself with my tutorials first, (probably already did) then let me know how I can help!
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