[REQUEST] - Futures Day Trading Strategy

Lone Wolf

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Hi there, useThinkScript Community,

Brand new to the forum here posting my first question.

A little background about myself and what I am looking for.

I already have all the basic textbook knowledge of how the markets work and the instruments to trade. At this point, I am looking for a futures day trading strategy with the following criteria.

1. Only trades around the open and close of RTH (not really interested in looking at the screen for 8hrs straight), preferably just the first and last hour of RTH.
2. No overnight exposure
3. Has a positive edge
4. Can help me build a career as a consistent and profitable day trader.



Hey. I would also like to tell a little about myself and what I am looking for as well. This looks like a good thread for it.

I would like a method for picking winning lottery numbers. It should have the following criteria.

1. It should be easy.
2. It shouldn't require me spend too much money in buying tickets. I ,don't like risk.
3. It should make me a lot of money.
4. It should allow me to quit my job, and give me a career as a millionaire instead. Working a job sucks.

Can you guys help me with this?


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