Request for MACD Divergence Scanner Change to True Divergence

me waste xp

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Hey guys.

I'd like to change the MACD Divergence scanner (the one with the YouTube video on it: video here.) to scan for only "true" divergences.

To illustrate, let's take a bullish divergence, I mean that I want the scanner to only give me charts for which a rally/positive MACD occurs between the two divergence prices.

Here's the code of interest:

# MACD Divergence Pivots
# Mobius
# V03.05.2015 Upper Study

input n = 2;

input fastLength = 12;

input slowLength = 26;

input MACDLength = 9;

input averageType = AverageType.EXPONENTIAL;

def h = high;

def l = low;

def bar = barNumber();

def Diff = MACD(fastLength, slowLength, MACDLength, averageType).Diff;

def CurrMACDh = if Diff > 0

                then fold i = 1 to n + 1

                with p = 1

                while p

                do Diff > getValue(Diff, -i)

                else 0;

def CurrMACDPivotH = if (bar > n and

                         Diff == highest(Diff, n) and


                     then h

                     else double.NaN;

def CurrMACDl = if Diff < 0

                then fold j = 1 to n + 1

                with q = 1

                while q

                do Diff < getValue(Diff, -j)

                else 0;

def CurrMACDPivotL = if (bar > n and

                         Diff == lowest(Diff, n) and


                     then l

                     else double.NaN;

def CurrPHBar = if !isNaN(CurrMACDPivotH)

                then bar

                else CurrPHBar[1];

def CurrPLBar = if !isNaN(CurrMACDPivotL)

                then bar

                else CurrPLBar[1];

def PHpoint = if !isNaN(CurrMACDPivotH)

              then CurrMACDPivotH

              else PHpoint[1];

def priorPHBar = if PHpoint != PHpoint[1]

                 then CurrPHBar[1]

                 else priorPHBar[1];

def PLpoint = if !isNaN(CurrMACDPivotL)

              then CurrMACDPivotL

              else PLpoint[1];

def priorPLBar = if PLpoint != PLpoint[1]

                 then CurrPLBar[1]

                 else priorPLBar[1];

def HighPivots = bar >= highestAll(priorPHBar);

def LowPivots = bar >= highestAll(priorPLBar);

def pivotHigh = if HighPivots

                then CurrMACDPivotH

                else double.NaN;

plot PlotHline = pivotHigh;




plot pivotLow = if LowPivots

                then CurrMACDPivotL

                else double.NaN;




plot PivotDot = if !isNaN(pivotHigh)

                then pivotHigh

                else if !isNaN(pivotLow)

                     then pivotLow

                     else double.NaN;




# End Code Pivots with Projections

If you could point me in the right direction to learn to do this myself, I'd appreciate that, too.

I just don't know how to interpret, let alone edit this code. #LearnToCode?

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