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Hi all -

I have a subscription to which must be renewed shortly. There is an amazing variation of data fields you can scan on via this system - fully customizable.
Despite the huge amount of data fields you can use i have only been using a tiny %

My question for the TOS experts is - can the following queries be written in thinkscript to yield the same results?

Some Fields i am looking for:

Average daily Volume (10D / 30D or similar)

Premarket Volume Traded (real time to compare as a % of Average Daily Volume)

15/20/30 Minute Opening Range Breakout

Current Volume as a % of Average Daily Volume

Institutional Ownership (%)

Is there a list of data fields I can download or see online and see what fields are available to be able to design queries / scans ?

any help appreciated!


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Hi, I'm interested in this too....any response on how to do this?.....thx

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