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I'm looking to combine 3 different studies that I have found to be useful and reliable on the ThinkofSwim platform. I know it's possible to combine all three, but what I am not sure about is combining those three studies with the use of an algorithm on the platform. Does TOS allow use of algo's on their platform? To clarify, the algo would NOT be auto-trading. I'm looking to design it to learn collective wisdom....things it can refer back to.....and then learning continues and all this knowledge feeds into the program for the next trading session. However, before diving into this project, feedback is appreciated as to the use of algo's on TOS.


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@madeinnyc putting 3 indicators into a single system would be pretty simple, but I believe you are referencing a self-optimizing algorithm, correct? If so, I do not think that thinkscript can accomplish this unfortunately, however I have heard of some doing this in metatrader which utilizes python if I'm not mistaken. Machine learning is a very unique concept, some have used it to optimize algos for best settings over years worth of data, others have used it to adjust settings over a specific look back period for algo to run on more relevant settings. Something to think about if you go forward with this. Would love to hear on any progress you make in this realm!

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@tradebyday , Yes....u hit the nail in the head. Well,'s good to know it's not doable on TOS. The original idea was to code this in Easy Language which is Tradestation's programming language. However, the studies are in Thinkscript and converting them to Easy Language was one more step I wanted to avoid. The goal is to teach the AI the rules of trading based on the studies and let the program find the optimal strategy. But backtesting may also present an issue given the changing symbols in future contracts for specific time periods.
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@madeinnyc if you can run the backtest on something similar in motion like SPX, you may be able to have the bot "learn" the basics as a place to start and test the viability, then forward test a few months to see how it handles the 23/6 round the clock futures contracts
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