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I think this give you what you need, I'm guessing it's not exactly what you think you want. It took a bit of analysis of the Gap Zone Map before I understood that the zones aren't plotted, only the previous day's close. The gap analysis is watching how the next day's price open moves vis-a-vis the previous day's close. The Gap Zone Map delineates the probably of movement when the previous day's close is a down day or an up day. That can't be plotted, if you're going to trade this system, 1) print out the Gap Zone Map and stick it up somewhere close to your trading station so you see it every time you look up, 2) memorize the Gap Zone Map so you understand the probabilities of moving from the current day's open based on the previous day's close, and 3) buy the $14.95 book so you learn everything you can about gap analysis in the Master The Gap system. Why so harsh? I'm seeing a trend that folks, for whatever reason, aren't putting much effort into helping themselves before posting a request to the forum. So for instance, the real chart study here was the previous day close plot, I wouldn't hazard a guess as to how many requests we've gotten here for a previous day close study.

So following time honored tradition I offer yet another previous day's close study. In order to give this some value above and beyond previous such studies this one plot's the previous day's close in a big, bold orange, medium dashed line. It will plot correctly on any timeframe day or less, in other words it won't plot on weekly or monthly charts. Additionally, on intraday charts it will also plot a cloud between the previous day's close and the current price, that way you can see the progress of the gap fade, if any. This doesn't work on daily charts as the AddCloud function needs more than two days, yesterdays and today's bars to paint a cloud. But I'm betting that you're not looking to use this on daily charts. The cloud makes it easy to see the gap fade, if it occurs.


Richard Houser

thinkScript Code

# RH_PreviousDayCloseGapAnalysisSTUDY.ts
# Code by rhouser
# copyright 4/23/2013 All rights reserved.
# Permission granted to use, copy, modify to members of the Yahoo TOS_thinkscript Group

declare upper;

def lastDayToday    = if GetLastDay() == GetDay() and GetLastYear() == GetYear() then yes else no;

plot PrevDayClose   = HighestAll( if lastDayToday then close( period = "DAY" )[1] else Double.NaN );
def CurrentClose   = if lastDayToday then close else Double.NaN;

AddCloud( PrevDayClose, CurrentClose, Color.PINK, Color.LIME );

#===============================[ Look & Feel ]================================
PrevDayClose.SetDefaultColor( Color.ORANGE );
PrevDayClose.SetLineWeight( 2 );
PrevDayClose.SetStyle( Curve.MEDIUM_DASH );

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