Pre-Market Scanner for Daily ORB Plays


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Good afternoon! Amazing day here!

I am using the AMAZING ORB script, TMO, and MTF MACD. I also use the ORB Scanner with custom watchlist indicator; amazing.

I've searched this site and through threads but I have not seen anyone discussing pre-market scanner for use with ORB. How are you developing a list of stocks to watch for ORBs on?

I'd be curious to get feedback on routines to find plays versus scrolling through a watchlist.


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@jdouglas2002 A site search, in the upper right corner of every page, for "premarket scan" produced quite a few results from which you could glean valuable information... Perhaps someone knows of a specific topic on the subject but sometimes it's better to go Easter egg hunting because you might end up learning more than you expected... I'm always stumbling across useful tips and tricks that might prove valuable at some point in the future... Just be careful or you might get distracted from the task at hand... Don't ask how I know this... :LOL:

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