Plot high of largest volume candles on the daily



Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum. I wanted to ask, I'm trying to plot the highs of the 5 highest volume candles on a daily chart with an added constraint that the prices should be incrementally higher of those candles.

By that I mean, if I take the highest volume candle just to the left of today with high P1, then I’m looking for the next one left of it P2 where P2 > P1, then P3 > P2, P4 > P3 and P5 > P4. By extension, these may not end up being the highest volume candles (as they may fall between these candles with lower prices) but it is an added constraint.

The logic would be:
-Find the 5 highest volume candle on the daily chart.
-Plot the high of the first candle (P1) closest to today.
-Zero price all prices to the left below that price.
-Find the 4 highest volume candles where price > P1, etc.

Can someone help me to tweak one of the related resistance scripts? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

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