Play sound for RSI on watchlist



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Hi, I have an RSI column on my watchlist and I would like to play a sound when it goes under 30.
I set up something in the thinkscript editor but it doesnt seem to work

def condition = if RSI < 30 then 1 else 0;
Alert(condition, ”oversold”, Alert.TICK, sound.ding);

Maybe I am doing something wrong?
Any help appreciated thank you!


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I feel your pain, I having been looking for help on this forum to no avail. I use a separate computer with 2 monitors to show 40 tickers in a flexible grid with the RSI loaded on each. That is the best way I have found to not miss any action. I have never had any luck with TOS alerts.


You can setup a scanner for your condition, scan it within your own watchlist, and get alerted for new changes.

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Yes you can, I have this alert set for RSI under 30 for symbols in my watch list. When you click the scan tab look two rows under it. You will see (Scan In) and next to it (Intersect With) Click those and find your watch list in the drop down menu. Set your scan and alert.
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