Need help with volume scan to catch out of nowhere runners


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How many times have you seen one of your scanners go off for a stock that finally met your criteria but AFTER they had already blown up out of nowhere like in these examples?


Ive seen stocks do this all the time, as Im sure so have you. Again my one scanner goes off but its after the fact as it did for both of these stocks missing the ideal entry point! Many times I get alerted after the move where stock is already in long consolidation and it ends up breaking down. I have it set up the way it is weed out junk, so its a fine line where I have had a hard time trying to nail down finding plays like the 2 above. Ive played around with unusual volume(not saved on this scan) but cant seem to nail it down to the right parameters?


Any suggestions on how to create a scanner that will catch a stock when it first makes a move with explosive volume and price movement where you at least get a slim chance of getting in before it goes higher(lower for those that short)??