Need help with OnBalanceVolumeModified


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Hi, Armature developer here. Need a quick help.
I am working on a strategy.

My conditions are as follows for a trade which is already above vwap and 13day moving avg and also above ORB green lines.
DMI Oscillator : stoch crosses above avgStoch within 2 bars
TTM Sqeeze : ( squeezeHistogram > 0 and squeezeHistogram[1] > 0 and squeezeHistogram[2] < 0 ) ;
SuperTrend : showing buy signal

Along with it I would like to add OnBalanceVolumeModified condition as well.
The condition is OBV > Signal and both plot must have min 0.5 difference.

To test my theory before adding any labels or alerts wrote a below code snippet. But the moving average numbers for OBV and Signal are huge numbers.
Today I tested for C and AAL. The avg numbers for C are below 10 and avg numbers for AAL is greater than 20M.
can you please help me to find the difference between the lines?

declare lower;

input OBVlength = 7;
input signalLength = 10;
input averageType = AverageType.EXPONENTIAL;
def obv = reference OnBalanceVolume();
def OBVM = MovingAverage(averageType, obv, OBVlength);
def  Signal= MovingAverage(averageType, OBVM, signalLength);
def diff= OBVM - Signal;
plot d1 =diff;

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