My new scanner settings - Trying to get reversal plays and open to improvements


New member
These are the settings for my scanner and any improvements are welcome @BenTen, @chewie76 hope this is useful to everyone.

close is greater than BollingerBands("length" = 8)."MidLine" and ADX("length" = 8) is greater than 32 and DMI()."DI+" crosses above DMI()."DI-" and Didi_Index()."s" crosses above Didi_Index()."zeroline" and Didi_Index()."s" crosses above Didi_Index()."l" and MACD()."Value" crosses above MACD()."Avg" within 4 bars and RSI("length" = 9, "over bought" = 68, "over sold" = 32)."RSI" is greater than or equal to RSI("length" = 9, "over bought" = 68, "over sold" = 32)."OverSold"

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